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Randy Recinto, Vice President and Associate General Counsel - AIG GLCR teaches students the importance of planning and saving for the future through his involvement with AIG’s nonprofit partner Junior Achievement (JA), an organization dedicated to empowering young people to drive their own economic success.

Drawing from his own experience growing up in the Philippines, Randy recognizes the advantage of learning financial literacy at a young age, since much of his own understanding was learned ‘on the fly’ as he grew older.

“I am a believer of education, and would like to believe that whatever success I have now is due to it,” said Randy. “I would like to teach these students the importance of staying in school, learning financial literacy, and believing that it is possible to rise from and overcome their current disadvantaged position.”

Through AIG’s partnership with JA in 2018, Randy and over 640 colleagues brought their financial literacy expertise to 164 schools in 24 cities, impacting more than 18,200 students while acting as role models for careers in insurance and other related business fields. To further his commitment to providing Philippine students with the tools they need to succeed, Randy became a member of the Board of Trustees of Junior Achievement, Philippines in June 2017.

Reflecting on his volunteer experience with Junior Achievement, Randy is not able to choose just one moment that stands out above the rest. Instead, he remembers the students’ smiles, the instances when they truly understand the content, and the experience of creating a lasting impact alongside his colleagues.

“Volunteering makes society whole,” said Randy. “If more people would pay it forward, and give more rather than take more, society will be better for it.”

This project is supported by AIG’s volunteer programme.

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