Father and Son holding surfboards

Mitchell (Mitch) Chupack volunteers for Boarding House Mentors , a non-profit, volunteer organization established in 2002 to transform the lives of under-served youth through participation in surfing. The organization’s goal is to create a safe and supportive environment where youngsters can – with the help of their mentors – build confidence and a positive self-image, nurture a healthy lifestyle and learn how to respect the ocean and environment.

“When there is a demand for doing something good for someone, you find a way to get it done,” said  Mitch, AIG General Counsel for Affordable Housing.

Based in Los Angeles, Boarding House Mentors relies solely on volunteers and donations to run the program, which costs more than $30,000 to operate full-time annually. Each program is made up of 30 participants and 15 volunteer instructors. Volunteers have been people from all walks of life, including sound engineers, grandmothers, nurses and motion picture executives.

The program runs for five consecutive Sundays each summer, and when it ends, students receive medals and a backpack full of school supplies.

Mitch says he enjoys all the letters he receives from the young participants through their mentors expressing their gratitude for making their summers so enjoyable and empowering.

“We want to instill the “I can do it mentality,” Mitch said.

In addition to being a volunteer, Mitch serves on the organization’s Board of Directors, and also uses AIG’s Matching Grants program to support the organization. AIG matches 2:1, up to $5,000 in donations to eligible U.S.-based charitable organizations. This year, Mitch’s $5,000 donation toward Boarding House Mentors was matched 2:1 by AIG, and the organization also received an additional donation of $5,000 from AIG’s Global, Legal, Compliance & Regulatory (GLCR) pro bono program.

“AIG has been a significant contributor and has risen to the occasion every year. We could never provide a full program for these kids without AIG’s support,” Mitch said.

This project is supported by AIG’s volunteer programme.

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