Rakhi Nagrani posing with Heart Walk photoframe

When Rakhi Nagrani’s infant daughter was diagnosed with a heart-related illness seven years ago, the new mother channeled all the worry and anxiety about her baby’s health into something positive: helping the families of children experiencing similar medical issues.

Rakhi, a Quality Engineering LEAD in AIG’s North Carolina office, has been working with the American Heart Association now for more than two years. This year, after more than four months of planning, she enrolled 150 participants – including AIG employees, their families, and dogs - to walk and run in the 2018 Greater Charlotte Heart Walk in September. The Heart Walk is the American Heart Association's premiere event for raising funds to fight heart disease and stroke. Thanks to Rakhi’s efforts, the team raised $1,775 in support of cardiovascular health.

“Through volunteering with AIG colleagues, I get an immense feeling of satisfaction that I’ve achieved something and that I can make difference in people’s lives,” said Rakhi.  “The power of what we can accomplish together is much stronger than what we can do all alone. Employees feel better knowing that their small efforts can make a big difference.”

Rakhi held a series of kickoff meetings before the September event, always striving to make the gatherings fun and to build enthusiasm and excitement among her colleagues. For one of the meetings, she invited an Ayurveda doctor to visit and teach breathing techniques aimed at lowering stress levels and improving heart health. In addition to volunteering for the AHA, Rakhi is also a member of “Beyond Creation,” a charitable organization focused on enhancing the lives of children with special needs.

Today, Rakhi’s now 7-year-old daughter is a thriving swimmer and gymnast. For Rakhi, watching her happy, healthy child grow up strong is a reminder of why she remains committed to encouraging her colleagues to stay active and to volunteer for heart health.

“It is important to give back to the community, and even just a couple of hours of time can make a significant impact when so many people are collectively contributing them.”

This project is supported by AIG’s volunteer programme.

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