It takes all types of expertise within AIG Travel’s assistance services to help clients experiencing mishaps—whether it’s locating missing luggage or mobilizing a customized aircraft-turned-air ambulance to evacuate tour bus crash victims in remote areas of China.

AIG clients and other tourists were traveling by bus to a resort in mountainous central China when bad weather and traffic caused the bus to turn back, but as it did, the vehicle fell into a ravine. AIG Travel arranged for a customized plane to fly the injured crash victims to Penang, Malaysia for ongoing care. Company experts—both local and regional—coordinated with an emergency services provider to ensure the evacuation was successful.

Modifying a commercial aircraft to serve as a mass air ambulance is highly unusual, but in this case, AIG felt it was the best option for ensuring the safety and speedy recovery of its clients.

In Lake Placid, Florida, a bus carrying tourists swerved to avoid a car and rolled twice, resulting in two fatalities and multiple injuries. Due to the severity of the accident, and because the victims were being treated at six different hospitals, two Houston-based AIG Travel experts flew to Florida to coordinate services for the victims and their families.

For six days, an AIG Travel medical case manager and a medical assistance coordinator worked with the hospitals to resolve insurance-related issues and arrange extended hotel stays for the victims’ families. When the injured tourists were well enough to leave the hospital, AIG Travel’s experts arranged to fly them home—and return the cars the tourists had parked at the beginning of their trip.

These stories highlight how AIG Travel provides a critical end-to-end service, from conception of products and services to resolving claims quickly. Atop the pyramid are frontline experts, including physicians and nurses as well as assistance coordinators across the globe, who interact with clients in their own languages and mobilize rescue operations. Behind the scenes, AIG’s experts quickly resolve claims.