Forest Wildfires

As wildfires raged across California in 2017 and again in 2018, clients in certain wildfire-prone areas can better protect their homes with assistance from the AIG Private Client Group’s Wildfire Protection Unit.

Established in 2005, the first-of-its-kind program is designed to help clients with high-end homes reduce the risk of damage by wildfire, with on-site consultation before an event occurs, as well as emergency mitigation services if the home is in the path of a fire.

During the initial consultation, AIG wildfire mitigation specialists make recommendations based on the characteristics of the home and surrounding property. They also advise homeowners on things they can do to reduce risk, including removal or pruning of vegetation that’s close to the house, trimming trees and clearing roofs and rain gutters of leaves, and installing ember-resistive venting.

AIG’s Wildfire Protection Unit, while not a private fire department, has helped many clients better protect their homes.

When a homeowner’s community is threatened by a wildfire and it is safe to do so, AIG’s wildfire mitigation specialists will seek access to the property to take emergency measures, including the removal of combustible materials. The specialists can also spray Phos-Chek® along property lines and apply Class A foam or Thermo-Gel to better protect structures if necessary.

The team is supported by AIG’s 24/7 intelligence center, which continuously monitors the progress and behavior of all wildfires nationwide. In 2017, the intelligence center triaged more than 5,600 wildfire alerts, and deployed teams to 23 fires to provide emergency mitigation.

In 2015, AIG launched Smart Build, a complimentary service for AIG Private Client Group policyholders who are planning to build a home or undergo a major renovation. AIG risk managers consult with architects, builders or homeowners on ways to minimize risk and maximize energy efficiency. The result are safer, more resilient homes in an age of increasing wildfire risk that provide a win for everyone. AIG helps make insured homes excellent fire risks, and insurance brokers bring additional value to their client relationships. But no one appreciates it more than the homeowners themselves.

Perhaps nothing says more about AIG’s services than an appreciative customer.

“Thanks to [the unit], my house is still standing. Private Client Group made the difference between losing my home and all of my memories, and it being safe,” said a client in Yorba Linda, California.